Our company focuses on carpet design rather than being a carpet store.
Through this, we are deeply occupied with how we can make elegant places more and more elegant.
The most important factor in carpet designing is the compliance with the residence and consummation of this environment.
It is possible to create carpets for each kind of places. For changing a room’s atmosphere, it will be enough to change its carpet.
Harmony of the colors in addition to the styles such as modern, vintage, classic, etc. is also quite important.
We can help you on this topic. We are pleased to see you visiting our store and to help you to create the most suitable colors,
patterns and designs for your residence.
For choosing the right material, it is always better to prefer natural-fiber carpets.
In terms of abrasion, maintenance and health, we suggest you 100% New Zealand Wool.
In terms of a luxurious shine, we suggest you viscose.
Bamboo yarn that is long-living and environmentally-friendly is a perfect alternative in terms of the fact that its similarity to silk.
We offer you beautiful combinations and designs with these 3 natural materials.
One should not be afraid of color uses. We, as Yıldızlux Carpet, think that our carpets are horizontal art pieces and
we believe that the colors we use in our designs have a curative effect.
Although other objects in the room have colorful patterns, color may still be worked for the carpet. 
If the colors are picked and chosen carefully, they may complete its surroundings.
We are always pleased to help our customers for matching carpets’ colors with current decorations.
When choosing the most perfect carpet for you is considered, we hope that we provide you inspiration and opinion through these clues.
The carpet is generally focal point of a room.
Even, it may be the most important part of decoration.

For this reason, lots of costumers may find carpet-choice as deterrent; however it shall not be such a stressful phase.
We are here to make your carpet-choice as pleasant as the choice of any other internal decoration item.
We are always pleased to help you in finding the rightest carpet for yourself.
You may call 009 0212 2588713/14 for obtaining detailed information about our services.