We, as a team, have been helping you in finding the most perfect carpet and customizing your living space since the year of 1985 until today.  Along with the most perfect carpet, we offer you the final touch to your room by providing functionality and comfort. We defend the idea that a carpet constitutes a complementary feature for a residence.  
Yıldızlux Carpet is the first firm in Turkey that provides custom-design on Project basis in the direction of an order that is received from a customer.  
Carpets are produced with Hand-Tuft systems in compliance with the color, pattern, and size that you desire.
The most important factor in carpet-choice is the type of the yarn that is used.
Yıldızlux Carpet uses New Zealand wool that is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, stainless, non-flammable, which locks moisture in it with a level of 30% of its weight that does not give a sense of wetness, that is the whitest, cleanest and the purest wool that is against moulding and dampness. Additionally, other qualities that are manufactures like Bamboo and viscose yarns are obtained from Bamboo and poplar trees which are completely natural.

As well as the pattern, size and shape of a sofa or a Picture that is a part of your residence are able to be customized by yourself, the most suitable carpet designs are offered before beginning to its manufacture, by being prepared by a Professional design team.
We have been reflecting the design of your dreams to your carpet for 31 years.
Our firm, which offers custom designs for each of its customers, will be pleased to see you in the Office that is located in Beşiktaş – Yıldız, in order to create you a carpet that is in compliance with your pleasure.
At your home, on your boat, for your staircases, at your Office, everywhere…